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Fake Rolex Yacht Master: history, models, prices

The Rolex Yacht-Master Dix Millionieme Chronometre

The Yacht-Master example that will be auctioned on April 22 and 23 in Monaco is one of the most interesting contemporary Rolexes and is a unique example, created in the nineties to celebrate the ten millionth fake rolex watch equipped with the Chronometer Certificate.

Curiously, it is not a Daytona, a Submariner or a Day-Date but A Rolex Yacht-Master that enriches our guide as no other model ever could. We could also call it the Yacht-Master Heiniger but, at least, an explanation would be needed.

The Heiniger family and Rolex

The model you see in the photos was created during the management of the brand by the Heiniger family and includes a period that goes from the presidency of his father Andre, which began in 1964, to continue with that of his son Patrick starting in 1992.

This special, and one-of-a-kind, platinum Yacht-Master is a prototype made to celebrate this milestone and features certain features that are part of the pedigree of Rolex-built special models, including the adoption of baguette-cut sapphires and diamonds in the place of indexes with the addition of the wording “DIX MILLIONIEME CHRONOMETRE” both on the dial and on the oscillating weight of the caliber 3135.

The Heiniger family evidently had a penchant for platinum; we owe them the creation of three special Daytonas in platinum and, similarly, it is assumed that the creation of the Daytona 116598 SACO, better known as Leopard, we talked about it in our guide on the Daytona, is to be ascribed to the eclecticism of the family and, in this particular case, it was Nina Stevens, Patrick Heiniger's girlfriend at the time, who inspired this creation.

However, the Rolex Yacht-Master Heiniger is not a watch museum object and a Rolex replica watches museum object in this case; in fact, it will be auctioned during the thematic auction organized by Monaco Legends Group, the auction house which has among its ranks the world expert in vintage watchmaking Davide Parmegiani, the penultimate week of this month, on 22 and 23 April .

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